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Carefully develop and strictly abide by the implementation quality standards!

KADO's quality control system is based on customer requirements, environmental responsibility and technical and economic rationality. Our core quality control is strictly in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2000.

Each of our employees shoulders the responsibility of maintaining product quality. Coordinated by the head of the quality control department, everyone is equal before all work. He will report the situation directly to the management.He has the power and conditions to test and implement our ideas. These tasks include the development, control and management of quality standards.

KADO's quality control is a separate department and the quality control staff are specially trained. Their job responsibilities are to conduct fair and credible testing.

Quality control in all aspects of the order!

The goal of KADO's Quality Assurance System is to comply with the requirements of quality standards, regulations, customers and internal regulations.

Quality Assurance tracks all aspects of each order. The first step is to check the relevant quotation and contract text and transfer it to the development and design department. Then screen the raw material suppliers, arrange the production plan, ensure the products are manufactured according to the plan, and achieve the product's various functional indicators. All production, testing, and inspection processes are documented. The quality assurance process runs through warehousing and shipping, and avoids product quality due to temporary repairs. In addition, we continue to train and train our employees to develop awareness and understanding of the importance of product quality. Our quality products are the best proof.

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